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Reference Library

These pages contain a selection of documents, links, dowloads and references that might be useful.

General biomass information
Up-to-date information and links to forthcoming events.
Organisations and individuals who provide information on biomass supply chains.
Links, organised by category, to other biomass related websites and resources.
List of useful biomass related publications.
Useful biomass related tools
Terms and abbreviations used within this website and the biomass sector.
BEC-specific information
The pages below are also linked to from the foot of each page:
About us
About the BEC, our aims and objectives.
What to do if you cannot find the information that you want or providing feedback on this website (which we welcome) or about linking with this website.
Privacy policy
How the BEC uses any information you give to us through this website, and the ways in which we protect your privacy.
About accuracy of information provided on this website and links to other websites and organisations.
Copyright information
What material and information provided on this website you may or may not reproduce.