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Grants Regulation and Certification

Forestry for Biomass  >  Grants, regulations and certification

The Forestry Commission works to support forestry for the public benefit through the use of grant support for good woodland management. FC is also responsible for the implementation of the Forestry Act (1967) which requires most tree felling to be licensed. A number of independent organisations exist to audit and monitor woodland management against sustainability criteria. This is particularly important for managers of larger areas of woodland as large scale users often want strong evidence of sustainable production.

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Forestry for Woodfuel and Timber


  1. Introduction and benefits of woodland management
  2. Fuel from woodland
  3. Buying a woodland
  4. Support for woodland management
  5. Grants, regulations and certification
  6. Woodland health
  7. Forest management plans
  8. Silviculture
  9. Planting Woodland
  10. Managing small areas and volumes
  11. Harvesting
  12. Fuel Processing
  13. Harvesting and Processing Costs
  14. Buying and selling wood
  15. Further Reading
  16. Training