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Further Forestry Reading

Forestry for Biomass  >  Further Reading

Title Author ISBN Subject
A Wood of Our Own Julian Evans 978-1856230223 practical forestry
Caring for Small Woods Ken Broad 978-1853834547 practical forestry
Collins Tree Guide Owen Johnson 978-0007207718 tree ID
Ecohouse Sue Roaf (ed) 978-0750669030 biomass use
Flora Britannica Richard Mabey 978-1856193771 Plant ID
Forest Mensuration:
A Handbook for Practitioners
R. Matthews and E. Mackie available from FC publications biometrics
Forestry Practice B.G. Hibberd Out of print
though 2nd hand
versions are available
general forestry
Fundamental Woodland ManagementRodney Heliwell 978-0954982638 practical forestry
Home Heating with Wood Chris Laughton 978-1902175270 biomass use
Managing Native Broadleaved Woodland R. Harmer, G. Kerr and R. Thompson available from TSO silviculture
Natural Woodland George Peterken 978-0521367929 silviculture
Practical forestry
for the Agent and surveyor
Cyril Hart 978-0862999629 silviculture
Silvicultural Systems John Matthews 978-0198546702 silviculture
Small Woods and Hedgerows Val porter 978-0720718683 practical forestry
Theory and Application
of Forest Economics
Colin Price 978-0631153665 economics
Trees and Woodland
in the British Landscape
Oliver Rackham 978-1857994551 general forestry
Urban Forestry Practice BG Hibberd available from FC publications practical forestry
Woodlands: A Practical HandbookElizabeth Agate (Ed) 978-0946752331 practical forestry
Forestry Commission publicationsa wide range of useful information notes and publicationsvarious

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Forestry for Woodfuel and Timber


  1. Introduction and benefits of woodland management
  2. Fuel from woodland
  3. Buying a woodland
  4. Support for woodland management
  5. Grants, regulations and certification
  6. Woodland health
  7. Forest management plans
  8. Silviculture
  9. Planting Woodland
  10. Managing small areas and volumes
  11. Harvesting
  12. Fuel Processing
  13. Harvesting and Processing Costs
  14. Buying and selling wood
  15. Further Reading
  16. Training