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Fuel Processing

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There are a number of different stages and issues to consider when working out the best way to process wood into fuel. They all need to be correct to ensure that you are producing good quality fuel at a competative price. There is information on the variables which need to be correct to ensure good quality fuel here.

The steps in the supply chain may occur in any order but will (almost) always include:

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Forestry for Woodfuel and Timber


  1. Introduction and benefits of woodland management
  2. Fuel from woodland
  3. Buying a woodland
  4. Support for woodland management
  5. Grants, regulations and certification
  6. Woodland health
  7. Forest management plans
  8. Silviculture
  9. Planting Woodland
  10. Managing small areas and volumes
  11. Harvesting
  12. Fuel Processing
  13. Harvesting and Processing Costs
  14. Buying and selling wood
  15. Further Reading
  16. Training